Koenders provides an unsurpassed 3 Year Limited Warranty on all Windmills and a 1 Year Limited Warranty on all Electric Aerators.Koenders Warranty covers products from the Date of Purchase, against defects in workmanship or material. The conditions of the Warranty and the extent of the responsibilities of Koenders Water Solutions under this Warranty are as follows:

  • 1) Koenders Windmills Inc. will repair or replace, any part or material deemed to be defective by Koenders Windmills Inc., due to quality and/or workmanship, within a three year period from the initial purchase date;
  • 2) Product returned for Warranty repair must be returned to the address specified by the Manufacturer, and any warranty product sent to the customer will be sent freight prepaid;
  • 3) Warranty does not apply to product which has been subject to abuse, neglect, accident or incorrect installation;
  • 4) Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from severe weather factors;
  • 5) When a Pressure Release Valve has not been used, warranty coverage may not apply to damages incurred to an Aeration system as a result of blocked line. The use of a Freeze Control Unit is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in geographical areas where freeze up may be a concern;
  • 6) If parts other than genuine Koenders parts are utilized for repair or attached to a Koenders Aeration system, warranty coverage may be void;
  • 7) Proof of Date of Purchase is required for warranty service. Since the customer is responsible for assembly, set up and installation, please follow instructions carefully, to ensure the validity of warranty claims;
  • 8) Warranty does not cover supplemental loss or damages arising from failure of the windmill to function properly. Customer must check system regularly to ensure the unit is functioning according to their requirements. Koenders Windmills Inc. or its dealers do not cover loss of fish, wildlife or any other consequential damages as a result of product failure; and
  • 9) If you have any warranty concerns, please contact Koenders Windmills Inc. at (306) 721-1495 (Canada).

Private Insurance coverage is recommended.