Single Diaphram

Single Diaphragm System-Galvanized

This low-maintenance, low cost system is suitable for up to a two acre pond and produces up to 1.5 cfm.

The kit comes complete with a single compressor, 100' of Airline, Airstone diffuser and foot valve.

You have the choice of multiple windmill sizes of 12', 16', 20' or 24'.

Double Diaphragm System - Galvanized

This highly effective system is ideal for ponds larger than two acres or odd shaped. It works the same as the single diaphragm system except it allows twice as much air with the double diaphragm.

The kit includes a double diaphragm compressor, 200' of Airline, 2 Airstone diffusers, 2 foot valves and a 2-way selector valve.

Choose between three sizes: 16', 20' and 24'.


Uni-Pole Windmill Aeration System

The modern uni-pole windmill provides a clean, sleek look compared to the traditional looking windmill.

The uni-pole system is provided in either the single diaphragm system or the double diaphragm system as mentioned above.

You have the choice of three sizes being 12', 18' or 24'.

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